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Testing the language skills of tertiary level students in LSP courses

Testing the language skills of tertiary level students in LSP courses (Language for Specific Purposes) is to be held

on 23rd June 2014 in Hradec Králové.


The Department of Languages ​​at the Charles University - Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove is organizing a one-day conference within the framework of the IMPACT project Innovation, Methodology and Quality of Language Education and Training in Foreign languages at the Tertiary Level in the Czech Republic. 

The conference builds on other meetings, workshops and seminars of all participating project partners (Masaryk University Brno - as a grant recipient, Technical University of Liberec and the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové - as project partners) and all others whose interest is in language education in the tertiary sector. The project deals with, among other things, the testing of language skills for different fields and possible standardization of the instruction.

We welcome all contributions based on the theme of language testing focused on standardization of language assessment. The contributions focusing on language teaching for specific purposes will be of particular interest to us. Therefore, the topics are broader.


Thematic areas

  • language skill testing of tertiary level students
  • experience with implementing standardization in testing
  • LSP and testing (comparison with testing in general language)
  • testing as a part of the curriculum

The conference is held at the Educational Center of the Charles University Faculty of Medcine in Hradec Kralove, in the area of the University Hospital, Sokolovská 561, Hradec Králové, 500 05


Official languages are Czech, Slovak and English. 


The length of the contributions should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes allotted for discussion.


The deadline for registration is 22nd May 2014 (on-line registration form).


The deadline for registering a paper is 18th April 2014. A short annotation of the paper is to be added to the registration form. An abstract of up to 900 characters is to be sent by 22nd May 2014 to the following email:


The publication outcome will be in the form of electronic conference proceedings of abstracts which will be published on the portal MEFANET.


Another outcome of the conference will be a collective monograph. If you would like to contribute as authors to this collective monograph, please send your paper in English (and in the required format) by 22nd of May, 2014 to the following email:

The final selection of papers to be included in the monograph will be chosen by the organizer’s editorial committee.


Places of interest and practical recommendations

Hradec Králové is a beautiful town at the confluence of the rivers Orlice and Labe. Its architectural sites are associated not only with the names of architects Kotěra and Gočár, but also with the ancient history of the medieval walled city. You should not miss the museum, the restored Lidový Dům, the building of the grammar school of J.K.Tyl or the historic White Tower, from which a beautiful view of the whole town, the Church of the Holy Spirit, and other landmarks can be seen.


If you want to stay overnight in Hradec Králové, be sure to book accommodation in advance. At the time of the conference the twenty anniversary of the European Regional Theatre Festival is taking place in Hradec as well.


The European Regional Theatre Festival is held from 21st till 30th June. The participating theatres have their stages in the open air, in theatre tents both in parks and in the Old Town. For more details and programs see the festival website:


Photo of Hradec Králové