Hovorkova, Petra
Poslední změna: 04.07. 2013

Exceptional Prize of the Rector for Students of Charles University

The Exceptional Prize is awarded for:


  1. an act or activity accomplished during the student´s studies which demonstrates exceptional civil bravery or selflessness,
  2. exceptional results in the course of study in the field of science or research, or
  3. extraordinary awards in cultural or artistic activities or for perfect sport results in international competitions.



  • Proposal including justification for the Prize is presented to the Rector by the Dean of the Faculty. The Dean may also submit the proposal upon the proposal of a social, sport, cultural organisation or another institution.
  • The Rector decides about awarding the Prize and about its value.
  • The Prize is at a minimum 15.000,- CZK. It is paid from funds of Charles University.
  • The Prize is given on special occasions. It is awarded during the meeting of the Scientific Board of Charles University along with a letter from the Rector.