Stefanova, Stanislava
Poslední změna: 15.06. 2017

Hostel Palachova

Tel.: +420 495 500 611


street J. Palacha 1136/7

Hradec Králové 12

Accommodation office:
Tel.: +420 495763626


street Na Kotli 1147

Hradec Králové 9


  • Students stay in flats with kitchen, toilet and bathroom for:
  1. 4 students (with two double rooms)
  2. 6 students (with two three-bedded rooms)
  • You cannot choose whether you prefer a) or b) type, you are placed according to the hostel possibilities! Eventually it may happen that some foreign students share a flat with some Czech students.

Basic information

  • Accommodation is prepared for you from September 18, 2017.
  • The working hours accommodation office: between 6.30 am and 2.00 pm (Mon - Fri only).
  • If you plan to arrive later during the day or any time during the weekend, please, contact us in advance, that we may arrange it with the person in charge of the hostel (in such a case your key should be ready for your at the reception). If you reach the hostel later than at 2.00 pm or during the weekend (without notifying us in advance), you will have to spend one night in some hotel in the town.
  • There is not a possibility to provide an accommodation in the Student’s Hostel for your relatives or friends who will accompany you!
  • If you wish to come to Hradec Králové and to get the accommodation in the Student´s Hostel before September 18, 2017 you should contact study dept.

Instruction upon your arrival

  • If you arrive during working hours (see below) go straight to the office of the particular hostel, where you will be given the flat key, a pillow, blankets and bed linen.
  • If you arrive in the evening or during the weekend, your key will be available at the reception desk and in this case check in the office the following working day.
    This arrangement, however, is possible only if you inform us about your arrival in advance!
  • Upon arrival you will obtain an English translation of the accommodation regulations and you will sign a statement for the things you obtain.
    Should you not be willing to sign this statement, you will not get accommodated and will have to find another accommodation yourself!

Registration and payments

  • It is your duty to get registered and to pay for the accommodation within five days after moving in at the latest!

This is done at the accommodation office situated at the Student Hostel „NA KOTLI“. You will find it by following signs for “ubytovací kancelář” – when entering the hostel “Na Kotli” (hotel Garni) by the main entrance, turn left and go through the corridor towards Block A3 (slightly to the right). At the end of the corridor, the accommodation office is on the left hand side. Working hours are between 6.30 am and 2.00 pm (Mon - Fri only).

  • There you will have to fill in an application form and sign an “Accommodation Contract” valid only for the current academic year. You will also have to submit your passport and bring two photographs for an “accommodation card”.
    In case you have your own TV, computer, etc. you will pay a further fee according to the price list.
  • Students of the English programs (self-payers) pay in accordance with the valid price list.
    All payments are required in cash, no other payments are possible!

First you have to make up your mind which contract you will sign!

You may sign contract for:

  1. Medium-term accommodation
    – approx. for one academic year – from the date of your arrival till June 30.
  2. A short-term accommodation
    – for up to three month.
  3. Holiday contract is just for throughout the holidays.


  • Charge:

    148,76 CZK/night for 4-student flat

    88,62 CZK/night for 6-student flat


  • Payment system in this case is: upon your arrival you pay the fee from the arrival date till the end of September, plus the following month (October), plus the first half of June. In October you pay for November plus the second half of June. From November you pay always for one month in advance.


  • Should you not pay for your accommodation within 5 days, you will be moved out from the hostel without a possibility to demand an alternative hostel accommodation!
    In case you fail to pay two payments on time (always before the 20th day of the month for the payment for the month that follows), your contract will be terminated and you will be moved out.
  • Should you decide to terminate your accommodation in the hostel, you are obliged to report your leaving date in advance to the office in the particular hostel and to return all the things you borrowed (key, pillow, blanket, bed linen).

    Check-out in the accommodation office "Na Kotli" and to return the accommodation card and to clear your accommodation account (the fee has to be paid till the leaving date; in case of "prepaid" accommodation, you can expect refund).

Further information

  • A student may never allow another person who has not checked in to stay overnight.
  • Please note that you will have to clean your flats yourselves and keep them tidy!
  • Detailed instruction concerning the hostel accommodation will be provided by the management of the campus and student’s hall upon your arrival.
  • Internet is accessible at the whole dormitory. Entrances A and B are equipped with internet cables and the other entrances are covered by wifi network. There is also a non-stop internet room at the basement with desktop computers as well as cables to connect your own laptop.