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Laundry facility - lab coats

Laundry facility

  • Submitting the lab coats for washing

    Faculty Hospital, building No. 31 - hospital laundry service

    Monday - Friday 7.00 am - 1.30 pm


  • Before the first submission do not forget to get your coats labelled in the office of clothes marking located in the same building.
    Check the information below - "Lab coats marking"!

  • Delivery of the lab coats

    Faculty Hospital, building No. 40 - Educational Center, 2nd floor

    Monday - Thursday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm


Statute for the students

  • The Dean has prepared this statute in accordance with the decree of Ministry of Health No. 306/2012 of the Law Digest, which arranges; conditions for preventing the rise and transmission of infectious diseases, and hygiene standards and procedure for the operation of health facilities.
  • The provision requires students to always wear sanitary white coats and other protective clothes and own a higher number of these items.
  • The provision generally applies to all students taking clinical lessons at the Faculty Hospital; particularly, students of the 3rd and higher years.
  • Students are required to change these items at least twice per week.
  • Students shall be required to have, at their disposal, a sufficient number of these items to cover frequent changes as well as the duration of laundry cycles. We recommend students to have approximately 5 white lab coats.
  • Laundry service (of these items) is provided to the students, free of charge.


Further procedures for enforcing the Dean’s statute 

  • Students are obliged to adhere to the principles of hygienic and anti epidemical regulations valid for the whole Faculty Hospital territory. This is to ensure sanitary clothes by changing them when they are dirty, especially when contaminated by impurities of biological origin.
  • Dirty or contaminated clothes must not be taken outside the hospital territory, but must be submitted for washing at the laundry facility of the Faculty Hospital.
  • Prior to the effective date of this provision, it will be necessary to carry out proper identification of the clothes i.e. their marking. The marking of clothes will be done at the laundry facility of the University Hospital (Building No. 31); in the office of clothes marking.


Lab coats marking

  • To ensure correct marking, students will be issued special identity cards by the Study Department. Students will use these cards for identification whenever they submit their clothes for marking and receive delivery of clean clothes.
  • Marking will be done by a special identification label with characters which cannot be washed out. The label will consist of; the letter marking the field of study (G – general medicine, D – dentistry), followed by four numbers and followed by the student’s surname and first name (up to a maximum of 20 letters, according to the student registration at the Study Department). The label will be fastened inside the coat’s collar coat or on another visible place (as is case with protective clothes for dentistry students). It is forbidden to mark the clothes in another way – as it is necessary to ensure proper delivery of clean clothes.
  • The students will personally deliver the marked clothes for laundry at specific times.
  • Receipt of clothes for washing will be carried out at the laundry facility. The laundry staff will maintain a record of clothes received for washing.
  • When taking over clothes for washing, the laundry staff will record a list according to the student’s name, and the number of items received (the lists will be dated, and the daily batch of clothes will proceed to be washed – the laundry cycle takes usually one week)
  • When collecting clean clothes, students will be required to prove their identity (using the special identification card with identification number and their name, and the student ISIC (ID card) and provide information about the date their clothes were taken for washing.