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Methodology for Creation of Dissertation Thesis

Structure of Dissertation Thesis (DT)

The structure of dissertation thesis given below is a generally valid basic scheme. Alternations of its structure are possible provided they are discussed in advance with supervisor and appropriate Subject Coordinating Board.

Dissertation Organization

  1. Front cover and inner page of dissertation thesis  (see attachment No. 1, attachment No.2)
  2. Author´s declaration (see attachment No. 3)
  3. Acknowledgements (at author´s discretion)
  4. Table of Contents
  5. List of abbreviations used
  6. Summary (in Czech and English)
  7. Background (introduction to the problems dealt)
  8. Objectives of Dissertation
  9. Methods and set of patients / material (by study type)
  10. Results
  11. Debate
  12. Conclusions (summarizing relevant research results and particularly the personal contribution of the Ph.D. student with the justification of the originality of the solutions).
  13. List of literature citations used (in accordance with any current standards and uniformly. Recommended Standard Vancouver Style - as in the Acta Medica HK).
  14. Enclosures ( (as needed - but not tables, figures and graphs showing the results of the study that are included in the dissertation text)
  • In addition to the above, it is also possible to accept the manuscript of the dissertation in the form of a commented set of works. However, it has a generally different arrangement, which must be consulted beforehand with the Vice-Dean for doctoral study programmes, who then assesses the quality of this dissertation before submitting it to the Dean's College for consideration.

Other Essentials of Dissertation

The thesis is written in Czech or English language (according to the language of instruction).
Since September 29, 2010 the thesis must be registered in the SIS (Students´ Information System), in the module „Listing of topics of dissertations” (login into system by password) – more see the Dean´s Provision No.10/09-10 Rules for registration, submitting and publishing final theses. Electronic version of both the dissertation and its extended abstract, registered in the SIS, must be identical with the printed originals.

The thesis is submitted in 4 printed copies of A4 size and must be bound in book binding. We reccommend to contact the study department before printing the book bindings.

DT contains approximately 80 - 200 pages of text including graphs and tabular parts, with line spacing 1.5, font size 12, and the pages of the text may be double-sided.
Bibliographic references should be written according to ISO 690 norm - Documentation, ISO 690-2 Bibliographic references and citing, Electronic documents or their parts.
List of author´s own publications is not given in the DT, it is a part of an extended abstract.

Application for Defence of Dissertation

  1. The application form is available on the faculty websites (Study – Doctoral study – Forms)
  2. Appendices to the application for defence of DT: 
  • Notarized copy of university diploma,
  • Curriculum vitae,
  • Confirmation of completed exams (the student´s record of study – the index), student's identity card,
  • Structured list of all candidate´s publications (monographs, chapters in monographs, original articles and papers in conference proceedings, overview articles, lectures) with designation of IF publications,
  • List of scientific lectures,
  • 1 copy of the dissertation in a spiral binding (handing over 4 book bindings on the instruction of the Study Department Officer)
    3 copies of proposal of extended abstract (according to described methodology on the web),
  • Evaluation of supervisor on the candidate´s work during his/her study and on the defence,
  • Opinion of the head of the appropriate workplace/ training centre on the contents and quality of the dissertation,
  • Proposal of the Subject Coordinating Board on the defence commencement,
  • Attachments (copies of original articles, articles with IF)
  3. The application for defence with all attachments is to be submitted to the Subject
      Coordinating Board for final approval and then to the Study Department. Part of the          submission must be proposal of two opponents who are not members of the 
      academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové or teaching in the    
      Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové. 

Schedule of Dissertation Defence

Process from submission of the application to the date of defence takes 2 months at least.
  1. Submission of the application with attachments to the Study Department.
  2. Opinion of Vice-Dean and of Dean's Advisory Board on the application and submitted documents (about 7 – 14 days from submission of the application, with the exception of summer holiday period)
  3. Appointment of opponents and handing the dissertation thesis over to external examiners (the examiners have 1 month to deliver their opinion; if they cannot accept the appointment they are obliged to announce it within 7 days from delivery of the DT)
  4. In case the opponents' reviews are positive, the chairperson of the Subject Coordinating Board proposes the date of defence to the Dean of the faculty. The term of defence must be announced on the bulletin board at least 30 days before it is held. During that time the thesis is available for inspection at the Study Department of the Dean´s office.
  5. Students fill in the term and venue of the defence in the extended abstract, ensure fast printing of necessary number of copies and hand them over to the Study Department so that they may be sent to relevant addresses.
  6. In case of one or both negative opponent reviews, the chairperson of the commission may stop the proceedings of the defence and acquaints the Dean with this decision. The chairperson informs the applicant for defence about the critical comments and sets the term to carry out required changes; the dissertation thesis is then distributed to the opponents again.
  7. Not later than 15 calendar days before the date of defence the Study Department sends the opponents' reviews to the applicant, supervisor and chairperson of the Subject Coordinating Board.
  8. Defence
  9. Graduation (May of November)

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