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Methodology for Creation of Abstract

Methodology for Creation of Abstract

The next text part of extended abstract is structured as follows:
  1. Table of Contents (a separate page No.3)
  2. Summary CZE (maximum 1 page) – including the title of work in Czech, if the text of  thesis is in English
  3. Summary ENG (maximum 1 page) – including the title of dissertation in English
  4. Background
  5. Objectives
  6. Material and methodology
  7. Results           
  8. Debate
  9. Conclusions
  10. Literature References
  11. Overview of own publications in following order:
  • original scientific paper(s) published in an impa cted journal (with IF),
  • other paper(s) published in an impacted journal (overview, methodology, case report),
  • original scientific paper(s) in a journal with editing, but without impact factor,
  • other paper(s) in a journal with editing, but without impact factor (overview, methodology, case report),
  • any abstracts, monographs, chapters in textbooks, editorials, epilogues, prolongs and obituaries should be presented separately,
  • lectures and posters presentation should be presented separately.


  • Note: Publications are not divided into those which relate to the thesis and those which do not.
  • students with the begin of study before September 1, 2012 must publish minimum of 3 original author´s works, from which one in a journal with IF (the author does not have to be the first author) and the minimum of 2 published works where the candidate must be the first author. 
  • students who have begun the Ph.D. study between September 1, 2012 and academic year 2018/2019 (included) must publish at least 4 original scientific works in journals reviewed by editors, two of which must be in an impacted journals (the author does not have to be the first author), and to be the first author of at least two of the required articles (see the Provisions of the Dean No. 9/11-12).
  • students who have begun the Ph.D. study in academic year 2019/2020 must be an author or a co-author of at least 3 publications in peer-reviewed journals with affiliation to publications at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, and:
     a) at least 2 publications must be original scientific works and the third may be a
         different type of scientific work (an executive summary, methodical paper, casuistry
         paper, etc.)

    b) at least 2 publications must be published in an impact journal with the impact
         factor ≥ 0,5

    c) the student must be the first author of at least one publication; this publication has
        to present the results of research related to the Ph.D. dissertation.
        (see the Provisions of the Dean No. 6/2019)

In all above cases the publications in journals with impact factor, the IF value of journals must be given as well – e.g. IF 1.125.

Other Recommendations for Creation of Abstract

  • Do not include abstracts into your publication activities.
  • Extended abstract is written in language of student´s study. Written previous consent of the Vice- Dean for Science and Research is necessary for thesis to be written in another language.
  • Recommended extent of the abstract is 20 – 30 numbered text pages, format A5, lines spaced 1-1.5. The extended abstract have the shape of a brochure and be firmly bound.
  • The draft of the abstract (with 3 copies) should be submitted by the candidate together with the application for dissertation defence and other necessary documents at the Study Department of the faculty. After setting the date and venue of the dissertation defence by the Subject Coordinating Board the candidate completes these data into the appropriate left space on page 2 and has 25 pieces of the abstract printed (30 pieces in the doctoral study program Surgery). Then the final copies of abstract are delivered back to the Study Department. The copies will be distributed by the Study Department to the Commission for Defences of Dissertations. Therefore it is necessary to devote due attention to professional and formal level of the extended abstract.

  • These updated Guidelines for students of doctoral study programmes at the Faculty of Medicine are binding since April 2017.
  • Recommendation for preparatory work for dissertation are given in Recommendations for work on doctoral dissertation and guidelines for request of its defence.

Last update: May 2019