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You can find there all information about the Faculty and its parts such as faculty buildings, student's hostel, lecture halls, study halls, etc., and all policies and procedures to ensure the teaching as well.


There is also an information about Medical Library and information technology at our faculty.


Basic information about general study (Czech only):

Frame study plan

The doctoral study is focused on scientific research and independent creative work in the field of research or development. The standard length of study is 4 years, the maximum study length is 8 years. The study is duly completed by the defense of the dissertation thesis. The dissertation thesis should give evidence of the student’s ability and readiness for independent activities in the field of research, development or original theoretical work. The dissertation thesis must contain the student’s original results already published or submitted for publication.


The study program is divided into:

  • general study concentrated on an extension of the general basis within a particular doctoral study program, on study in specialized disciplines related to the study program, on the study of English, and
  • specific study concentrated on a solution to a particular scientific problem in the dissertation thesis.


  1. The concrete contents of the doctoral study are set for each student by an individual study plan which is to be followed obligatorily. A report concerning fulfillment of academic duties and results of scientific work is to be submitted in written form to the supervisor at least once a year, usually by June 30.
  2. The student´s fulfillment of the individual plan of study is annually evaluated by the Subject Co-ordinating Board (SCB) that works out an annual evaluation report (usually by July 31). The annual report includes the individual study plan for the next periods of study in more precise terms (it is approved by the SCB and handed over to the Study Department).
  3. On the basis of the annual report and evaluation of the student´s fulfillment of the general duties, assessed by the Vice-Dean, additional part of the scholarship for the student is determined.
  4. If justified, the student may change the ISP or postpone some duties through a special form. The form must be submitted with the supervisor´s and SCB´s head signatures.
  5. The student is obliged to enrol for the study at the beginning of every academic year.
  6. The student is obliged to follow websites of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove (, especially the section Study – Doctoral Study and Science and Research, and, by means of a valid e-mail address, to keep in contact with the Study Department of the Faculty of Medicine.

1st study year

General Instruction

The instruction runs in common classes containing blocks of general scientific subjects: preparation of scientific lectures and publications, research project preparation, statistics, and other topics relevant to scientific work. The schedule and syllabuses are published before the beginning of the block instruction. In special cases the instruction can be led individually. Each doctoral student is obliged to take part in and complete all required courses including a certain form of knowledge assessment. An integral part of the 1st study year’s tasks is to demonstrate one´s knowledge of English. Students prepare individually for the exam. The regulations for passing the exam are published on the Intranet.

Prescribed general duties of study in the 1st study year are:

  • to demonstrate one´s knowledge of English – exam
  • to work out a professional lecture/ professional publication – credit
  • to submit a research project – credit (can be submitted also in 2nd year)
  • to prove knowledge of statistics – credit (Moodle course)


Specialized instruction

In the 1st study year students start preparations for their experimental work – collecting data, under the guidance of their supervisors.

2nd study year

The general instruction runs as a cycle of special seminars; students have to perform a presentation of their achieved results in one of the seminars and attend all planned seminars and professional events.

Prescribed general academic requirements in the 2nd study year are:

  • to attend all scheduled seminars and professional events – credit
  • presentation of achieved results – credit
  • to submit a research project – credit (if it was not done in 1st year)


Specialized Instruction

The focus of the study is specific professional preparation (both informational and methodological), and in particular conducting experimental work and data collection. According to the supervisor´s directions, students continue in their education by means of lectures, courses, consultations, written papers on given topics etc. These classes are organized for each study program by the appropriate SCB. Each student may also voluntarily take part in instruction organized by other Subject Co-ordinating Boards.

In the course of the academic year students are supposed to pass a special exam in the field related to their dissertation thesis. The conditions and regulations of the exam are set by the SCB.

3rd study year

In this study year there are no organized common classes or prescribed common duties.


Specialized Instruction

Students finish data collection, process and prepare them for publication in scientific journals. Again, students take part in professional actions, consultations, study stays etc. on recommendation of the supervisor. In the course of the academic year students are supposed to pass an exam in their field of study which focuses on their dissertation thesis. The regulations of this exam are set by the SCB.

Study duties in the 3rd study year:

  • to pass a special exam (preliminary exam according to determination of ISP)
  • to pass the State Doctoral Exam
  • to publish 1 – 2 papers in reviewed journals (the student is the first author)

4th study year

There are no organized common classes or prescribed common duties.


Specialized instruction

Students are obliged to finish the data collection, process them statistically and publish them in professional journals (especially in impacted ones), and then write the dissertation thesis. They will pass the State Doctoral Exam in case they have not passed it already in the third study year.

Before the defense of the dissertation thesis, each student has to fulfill basic requirements:

  • students who have begun the Ph.D. study between September 1, 2012 and academic year 2018/2019 (included) must publish at least 4 original scientific works in journals reviewed by editors, two of which must be in an impacted journals, and to be the first author of two of the required articles (see the Provisions of the Dean No. 9/11-12).
  • students who have begun the Ph.D. study in academic year 2019/2020 must be an author or a co-author of at least 3 publications in peer-reviewed journals with affiliation to publications at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, and:
     a) at least 2 publications must be original scientific works and the third may be a
         different type of scientific work (an executive summary, methodical paper, casuistry
         paper, etc.)

    b) at least 2 publications must be published in an impact journal with the impact
         factor ≥ 0,5

    c) the student must be the first author of at least one publication; this publication has
        to present the results of research related to the Ph.D. dissertation.

(see the Provisions of the Dean No. 6/2019)
  • Having fulfilled all the duties and having been recommended by the supervisor the student then submits the dissertation thesis (including a summarized version of the thesis), and takes the remaining obligatory relevant measures (see The Application for Defense of the Dissertation Thesis). The study is finished with the defense of the dissertation thesis.


These principles are general: the SCB can change or augment the study plan within the limits set by the University and Faculty study regulations, decisions of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Medicine and other relevant regulations.


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