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SIS - Elective subjects registration and summary of exam results

Please read the information below before you register and before coming for the enrolment (not to have problems)!!


Student Information System - "SIS"
You have to check (and print) there your examination results from the academic year 2016/2017 and when it is possible to register for the elective subjects for the following academic year 2017/2018.


How to get into the SIS

  • For the entry you must have and use data from your student ID card - "ISIC" issued by the Hostel Na Kotli
  • You have to go to SIS and as a login (on the upper right corner) use your personal ID number which is under the photo on your ISIC card and password you set before

Forgotten password


  • Fill in all the data of the password reset form
    birth code suffix - those students who provided the students office with their "rodne cislo", use the last four digits from this number; all the other students should use "11X9" - if 11X9 does not work for you, please contact the Study Department and we will check it. Students from the higher year may still have 11F9.
  • When this is done, you will be able to get into the Student Information System - by using the personal ID number as login and the confirmed new password as password.

!!!In the system just find the required Subjects and schedule registration - for signing for elective subjects or Summary of exam results - for checking and printing your grades from the current academic year!!!

If you do not have your student ID card issued by the hostel Na Kotli, you will not be able to get into the system.


Registration of the elective subjects

  • Please check the guide  (below) to make your elective subjects registration easier. Go through the guideline, read it carefully to its end and register the same way (NOTE: if you do not complete the whole procedure, the registered electives will not show on your Summary of exam results).


  • See (below enclosed) list of all the elective subjects available for 2017/2018.


  • Registration for the SVOC I or SVOC II - students scientific conference - Any student who wants to take this subject (and gain the credit points for it) has to complete a specific condition - see the list of the elective subjects. In case you will not be able to provide the needed documentation ASAP (if possible should be provided at the enrolment), you will not be allowed to take it. The confirmation issued by the head of (or your supervisor) the particular department should be provided at the latest by the beginning of October. Only those who participate in scientific project may apply for these subjects.
  • Do not forget that after the registration of the electives you have to go to "Summary of examinations results" and print (through choosing printing or PDF version) the completed requirements where the registered elective subjects will show (no other document proving the registered elective subjects will be accepted). Please note that if your registration of the electives was done wrongly (not finished), the chosen elective subjects will not show and you will be also asked to leave the enrolment to sort this problem and get a new printout.