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General Information

  • The enrolments are planned according to the Schedule of the Academic Year 2020/2021. It takes place at the Student´s office.
  • Students enroling for 2nd and senior years need to register a date and time in SIS - Exam Dates - Register - filter Non-study events - click "Register" for the chosen date and then pick a time from the listed options (you can also see a guide)
  • The term registration will start from 1. 7. 2020
  • Students, enroling in to 2nd - 6th year, enrol the compulsory and elective subjects in the web application Student information system (SIS) (you have to be logged in). Here you find databases for signing for all subjects "Subjects and schedule registration" then follow the video guide for enrolment in subjects in SIS and filling in index.
  • When your enrolment of all subjects is completed (confirmed by "finish" button), return to "Summary of exam results" click on the printer format or PDF version and print it.
    Note: the elective subjects will show only in case that you confirmed your choice in "Subjects and schedule registration" - do not print your summary results before. This sheet MUST be brought to the enrolment! Without it you will not be enroled! Make sure, that you have it checked and signed.
  • It´s possible to enrol the subjects from 1. 7. 2020, if all study requirements are met. Otherwise from 1. 9. 2020 till 30. 9. 2020


  • In your Index (Credit book) all the exams and credits have to be written and signed! The Study Department can not enter any exams or credits into the system. In the "Summary of exam results"  in the SIS check that all the dates and grades for the academic year 2019/2020 match with the data in your Index.


  • Any differences (e.g. date of credit, exam, evaluation missing or different, ...) you have to consult with the secretaries from the particular deptartments and arrenge corrections. This must be solved before your enrolment!


Year Date Time Where
1st 17. 09. 2020/ 24. 09. 2020 08.00 am Main Lecture Hall


September 30, 2020 is the LAST POSSIBLE DAY for the enrolment (2nd - 6th year students), you can not be enroled after this date! Make sure, you are registered for enrolment via SIS, see above.

Updating your personal date


  • It is the student´s duty to continuously update his / her personal data in SIS. Before enroling, please check the following:
      > Phone number
      > Bank account number
      > E-mail address
      > Marital status
      > Delivery address (if different from the temporary address)

Needed for the enrolment

  • INDEX - All credits and examinations must be signed there, we are not able to enter any exams or credits into the system!!! Please do not forget to fill in the subjects for 2018/2019 in the Index in accordance with the video guide.


  • PRINTED TRANSCRIPT of the completed REQUIREMENTS for year 2019/2020 that will include the LIST of ALL SUBJECTS you enroled for 2020/2021 – (Summary of Exam Results from SIS printed after the completion of enrolment of all subjects).


  • ALL LIABILITIES towards the Faculty from year 2019/2020 must be settled fully


  • PASSPORT COPY - page with your personal details (necessary from the final year students)
    if you already obtained your czech "rodne cislo" but you did not provide us with it yet, bring a copy of the confirmation or your biometric card - this point concerns just the long term residence permit holders


  • ISIC card (the one issued by the hostel Na Kotli)


  • SUMMER PRACTICE FORMS/GREEN INDEX - filled forms (2nd year General Medicine only) or green indexes (4th and 6th year General Medicine) - credits have to be already signed in your Index




Student's office