Hovorkova, Petra
Poslední změna: 16.04. 2014

Evidence of rodne cislo/birth number

This information is for students with a long-term residence, visa or those from EU who are registered with the foreign police ONLY!


  • provide the study department with the copy of "doklad o rodnem cisle" (birth number confirmation) - posted through the local foreign police or with the copy of the passport as "rodne cislo" might be already specified on the visa sticker or biometric card 
  • EU students may also have it specified in their "residence permit".

This "rodne cislo" (birth number) is fairly important (so far we were using only some "artificially" made number) - for the evidence of yourself in the Czech Republic - it is required on many applications in the Czech Republic and following this, it has to be updated also in our evidence.

In case you did not get your "rodne cislo" so far, please inform us about it and as soon as you obtain it, please provide us with it.