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Recognition of Subject/s (Credit, Exam)

Each enrolled student has a possibility to get a subject completed at universities in the Czech Republic or abroad recognized at our faculty in accordance with the following regulations:
Studijní a zkušební řád Univerzity Karlovy, čl. 8, odst. 16 a 17
(Code of Study and Examination, Article 8, Section 16 and 17)
Pravidla pro organizace studia na Lékařské fakultě v Hradci Králové, čl. 7
(Regulations for Study Organization of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Article 7) 
The date of subject completion cannot be older than 7 years for Dentistry study program and 8 years for General Medicine study program.

For each subject student has to submit an application at latest on the last working day before the beginning of academic year in the filling office (Simkova 870, Hradec Kralove 50003 – basement). Your application must include following information:

1. For application for recognition of subjects completed in a different study program of at a different university 

  •  full name of subject (taught at LF HK)
  •  full name of the guarantor (including all titles)
  •  specification of requirement that you request to be recognised (credit, exam)
  •  information about already completed subject - full name of the institution, name of       study program, full name of subject, date of completion, teaching hours of the   subject you want to recognise

Student has to submit the application for each subject at the filling office. Apart from the applications we require an officially confirmed syllabi, study report and a grade system certificate confirmed by the study department of the respective institution with an official seal. These documents must be originals. Copies, scans or other non-original document will not be accepted.

2. Application for recognition of subject that was completed in same study program at our faculty  

  •   Student has to submit the same application for (each) subject at the filling office
       for the recognition

Each application will be evaluated individually for aliquots and similarity. You will be informed about the final decision by the study department in due time.