Hanus, Josef
Poslední změna: 17.01. 2019

Department of Medical Biophysics

We have succeeded in introducing clinical biophysics classes that focus on clinical examination and evaluation in which students have the opportunity to examine and perform medical evaluations on each other with the use of diagnostic devices like perimeters, audiometers, refractometers, ultrasound, EKG, and others. This type of clinical class has been introduced within the last ten years with the help of several development projects. The student laboratory represents a virtual doctor´s office in which students are in the role of patients as well as examining doctors. Each laboratory examination and measurement thus simulates one examination, including writing notes in the patient´s file in an outpatient information system. The data obtained are processed by the students and then stored into this system in the format that is usual and common in normal medical practice.


As for research, the department focuses namely on applied research and development in cooperation with clinical working places and regional producers of medical and health technology (ELLA-CS). We have gradually succeeded in constructing and equipping a laboratory specialized in measurements and research and equipped with unique devices and measuring systems or apparatuses of our own construction, specifically the Instron system for measuring the load characteristics of materials or medical and medicinal prototypes made of such materials. Examples of such products are various reinforcements, filters or orthodontic springs and arches. The system is complemented by a special heated air chamber with a Julabo thermostat for testing materials with shape-memory. In addition, we have developed a special measuring device of our own construction for measuring the load characteristics of stents, a Nikon ima ging system for analyzing the surface characteristics of materials or studying more complex structures with the use of fluorescence. The measuring systems are fully automatic and computer controlled with the use of our own software or the use of a modular system from National Instruments and the LabVIEW laboratory. For the purpose of modelling and simulations, we use compatible programs such as Comsol, Matlab and Simulink. The outcome of our research work in this field is, besides many publications, 6 industrial designs which were accepted and recognized by the Industrial Property Office in 2009, 2010, and 2014.