Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 19.09. 2016

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

Doctors and other university staff of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics participate in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate teaching for all categories of workers in the field of clinical biochemistry. They teach at the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Faculty of Pharmacy and even at the Secondary School of Health Sciences in Hradec Králové. Postgraduate teaching involves the training of graduate students in the framework of the doctoral studies in clinical biochemistry as well as pre-board certification training of doctors, other university-educated workers, and laboratory technicians. We cooperate in this area with the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. We also organize a number of professional educational events and actively participate in seminars, conferences, and congresses at the regional and national level.

Laboratory and outpatient activity

With the advances in technology in the last decades, the laboratory part of our institute has developed significantly and, as a result of a high degree of automation and robotics in routine analysis, has become an extensive workplace of separation techniques (chromatography, electroseparation methods), an immunochemical workplace, a workplace of clinical pharmacology, and one of clinical and forensic toxicology. In the 1990s, a molecular biology division was created to carry out investigations into the human and non-human genome. This section works in union with other institutions at the University Hospital. It even collaborates with clinical workplaces to help introduce new diagnostic methods, in particular in the field of hematooncology. In terms of activities carried out, it is among the largest such workplaces in the country. The professional activities of the department are ensured by qualified experts who bring with them strong, international reputations and place our institute at the forefront of departments and institutes at the medical faculty and University Hospital. The outpatient part of the workplace takes care of patients with metabolic lipid disorders and nephrolithiasis and, first and foremost, patients suffering from metabolic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It provides highly specialized care for patients.

Biobank – the project BBMRI

Thee bank of clinical samples (BBMRI) is part of the European project (OP VaVpI RECAMO) for long-term retention of biological material of cancer patients with the intention of research and development in the hope of finding new methods of prevention, diagnosis and healing. Archiving is done anonymously. All the identification of samples is removed and indicated with an anonymous code. The samples are subsequently processed and are stored in the bank, and will only be used for cancer research. We isolate from them not only the nucleic acids (e.g. DNA), but even the individual cells and proteins according to the newly developed methodology. If samples are subjected to genetic testing, it will be exclusively for examining genes associated with tumor initiation and to the response of such genes to antitumor treatment.