Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 16.10. 2013

Department of Forensic Medicine

The Institute of Forensic Medicine in Hradec Králove provides forensic medical service for the Hradec Králové Region (an area of 555.000 inhabitants):

  • performs autopsies of  people who have died  outside health care facilities (e.g. sudden and violent death)
  • autopsies of  patients who have died in healthcare facilities when hospitalisation was indicated due to traumatic causes (e.g. accidents, traffic accidents, assault by another person, intoxication, etc.)
  • autopsies of deaths in cases of suspected error  in providing health care
  • autopsies of people who died in police custody or  prison
  • clinical pathology courses provide autopsy information for treating physicians, especially in the fields of surgery, trauma, neurosurgery, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, obstetrics, paediatrics and emergency medical service physicians which is an important preventive activity of the Institute. 

The Institute provides undergraduate teaching of forensic medicine in a  6-year study programme for  general medicine and a  5-year programme for Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králove (including teaching foreign students). Our department offers postgraduate degree in forensic medicine (Ph.D.).