Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 26.09. 2017

Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology is a specialized institution for the provision of services in all areas of information technology for students and staff of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové. It secures and provides the management and development of the faculty’s network and all the technical service for IT. It develops and manages the faculty’s web and specialized information systems. The department also manages the information systems and is involved in their development. Finally, it provides research support to the other workplaces of the faculty in the field of mathematical statistics. In addition, the department helps prepare the accreditation process and participates in the faculty’s evaluation rating and in scientific meetings.

Traditionally among the best

In 1964, an ODRA 1003 computer was acquired in the cybernetic room of the then Department of Medical Physics. It was the first digital computer ever in medical education and health care in Czechoslovakia. In 1986, there was a changeover to a series of SM minicomputers, then the only commonly available minicomputers in the Eastern Block. Upon lifting the embargo after the Velvet revolution there was a major change: the mainframes began to be replaced by personal computers. !e SM 1420 central computer was replaced by a DEC 5100, which took over not only the function of the central server to the local computer network of the Faculty of Medicine, but began to provide services in a project of the node of the CESNET academic Internet network in 1993. Our center of computer technology was the first institution of its kind in the region where the Internet was then available. !e computers gradually have ceased to be the domain of a handful of dedicated individuals and instead have become an inseparable part of teaching and offer great benefit to faculty staff and students.