Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 11.10. 2018

Department of Languages

The Department of Languages is responsible for specialized language preparation of students of medicine in all master’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, we organize examinations of students in the doctoral study program. We also regularly organize tailored evening language classes for employees and students. An important role which the Department of Languages plays, in addition to teaching, is expert translations and proofreading of various articles, essays or other texts for the staff of the Faculty of Medicine or the University Hospital and other specialists from all fields of medicine. Though the work of the department is very diverse and wide, its basis has always been and still is the mandatory language preparation of students. In Czech programs, mandatory courses of English are taught and, vice versa, in English language programs Czech is taught. In both the Czech and English language programs students must take mandatory courses in Latin medical terminology.

English – indispensable at every step

English is taught as a mandatory subject and is taught as ESP (English for Specific Purposes). The focus of the course is specialized medical vocabulary in all basic medical fields. Everyone who finishes the course will be an active user of medical English, will be able to read bibliographies in English, and present results of scientific work in English. The courses are held in the third study year and thus the student can bring to the study of Medical English knowledge gained in theoretical subjects during the first two years of study.

Latin – the basis for medical terminology

Latin has always been a traditional part of medical education. Even today Latin medical terminology is an inseparable part of the students ´ knowledge – the knowledge of future doctors and nurses. The department organizes classes for all programs in the first year of study. The contents are the medical Latin and Greek necessary for a good understanding of theoretical subjects like anatomy and later for successful use in the medical practice.