Mazanek, Pavel
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Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy

The department provides basic courses on oncology and radiotherapy and an optional subject of oncological care in the master´s degree program. Our department is accredited for specialized education in the field of clinical oncology and radiation oncology. In 2005, the lecture notes General Oncology (Karolinum, Prague) were published. Learning materials for the specialized program are continuously updated in the form of e-learning. In 2006, doctoral program accreditation was obtained. So far, 12 students in total have successfully participated.

In the new and newly

In 1997, construction of a new oncology pavilion was completed and three departments moved into the new location: the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Department of Clinical Hematology and the Department of Nuclear Medicine. Simultaneously, the instrumentation and equipment for radiotherapy was completely updated, and the department is now equipped with 2 linear accelerators and a Varian simulator, an automatic Gammamed afterloading system for brachytherapy, ultrasound hyperthermia, and 2 therapeutic X-ray devices. A modern clinic for outpatient chemotherapy was built. Research activities of the department are focused on advanced technologies of external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and immunotherapy.

Comprehensive cancer center

In 2008, the clinic became a comprehensive oncological center backed by the Czech Society for Oncology and Societies of Radiology, Biology, and Physics. In 2008, 2 new Varian linear accelerators and a Siemens Somatom Sensation CT simulator were installed. This equipment allows image guided radiotherapy, intensity modulated radiotherapy, and four dimensional radiotherapy. PET/CT is intensively used for radiotherapy planning. The department can administer all forms of systemic antitumor treatment. In 2009, a centralized location was established for preparing cytostatics.

Getting better treatment

Intense research focused on molecular biology, stem cells, modern techniques of radiotherapy, and new oncology drugs has been taking place at the clinic. The clinic is involved in grant projects and a number of clinical studies, including the EORTC European studies. In a number of foreign publications it consistently ranks first among clinical workplaces at the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové.