Mazanek, Pavel
Poslední změna: 19.09. 2016

Radio-Isotope Laboratory

Radioisotope laboratories and a vivarium are used for medical research by staff and postgraduate students at the Faculty of Medicine and in the University Hospital Hradec Králové. We also cooperate with the workplaces of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Military Health, and even with the private sector. We perform animal experiments for many areas of medical research: tumor growth influenced by newly synthesized agents, ex vivo and in vivo, the effect of new drugs on the cardiotoxicity of cytostatic agents, changes in liver metabolism and how these changes influence liver cirrhosis, fibrosis or hepatocellular damage, improving wound healing in diabetic laboratory rats, pharmacokinetic studies of newly synthesized substances, i.e. potential new drugs, tolerance of extraneous materials to be used as clinical materials intended for implants, monitoring tissue metabolism influenced by different composition of diet or drugs added to compound feed. We ourselves prepared these special diets at our workplace. A significant part of our experiments monitors the regeneration and repair of neural tissue using stem cells. We perform tests on the abnormal toxicity of individual batches of medications during their production.

Decreasing the use of animals

The radioisotope laboratories and vivarium are scientific facilities intended especially for graduate students whose research topics focus on experiments on small laboratory animals. In undergraduate teaching, we continue to decrease the use of research animals in compliance with the global trend. Instead, we have increased our use of teaching movies and computer programs.

We breed genetically modified animals

In 2005, the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové registered in the list of users of genetically modified organisms so that the genetically modified breeding of laboratory rats and mice in the vivarium could be undertaken. Since 2013, the workplace can breed genetically valuable animals to be used in experiments thanks to our accreditation as a breeding institute.

We can perform tests instead of you

We perform animal testing for the less experienced scientists with the help of the laboratory staff, and this way tests are performed in a shorter time and with fewer animals. Experiments with laboratory animals end at our workplace. Transport of the animals out of the building is restricted.